Maine Coast Semester

Audrey Cardwell

Teaching Fellow


Audrey Cardwell

Since studying math and environmental science in college I have been drawn to finding how the two are deeply intertwined, and have been finding ways ever since to spread the nerd word to increase our nation’s math and environmental literacy. Chewonki is the perfect combination and embodiment of these passions.

After graduating from Brevard College in 2020 I was fortunate enough to take on amazing jobs working in and with some of the most inspiring communities. Directly after graduation I took on an apprenticeship on an organic farm in Downeast Maine. Spending a year seeing the farm through all four seasons deeply connected me to the land and my food. My stay there is actually what has led me to Chewonki: an alum of Maine Coast Semester from the farm enthusiastically informed me to look into teaching opportunities, and here I am! But before taking on this teaching fellow role I spent the past year sailing with SEA Semester, working aboard a tall ship facilitating oceanographic research. On board I took on a few roles; student, deckhand, steward, and self-appointed morale officer.

In addition to being a math nerd and being out on the water I love to cook, trail run, read, and hang out with friends.

What Brought Me to Chewonki?

As someone who values a strong sense of place and community I was naturally drawn to be a part of Chewonki’s inspiring community. Being able to work with students and help them to see the beauty of our natural world and how math fits so seamlessly into it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.


BS Environmental Science & Math minor – Brevard College
MA Teacher Leadership and Pedagogy – Mount Holyoke College

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