COVID-19 Program Updates

6:40 AM

Wake-up bell: Right on time, rung by a student. Farm chores have already begun.

6:55 AM

Morning gather: Meet beneath the pines before chores—floors to sweep, recycling to collect and breakfast to set out.

7:20 AM

Breakfast: Homemade French toast with eggs, milk and yogurt from the farm.

8:30 AM

English class: Literature and the Land: Discussion of Thoreau’s “Walking.”

9:30 AM

Precalculus class: Work in small groups to review problem sets, then collect tidal fluctuation data at our waterfront.

10:30 AM

Free period: Meet with my advisor and get a head start on homework.

11:30 AM

Honors U.S. History: Socratic Seminar exploring the U.S. Government’s efforts attempt to restore, reconcile and repair relationships with First Nations.

12:30 PM

Lunch: Family-style dining with plenty of fresh food from the farm. Each day we learn about where the food we eat came from.

1:30 PM

Science Lab: Head to Pemaquid Point to explore life on the rocky shore. The assignment is to survey tide pools for starfish, anemones, and urchins.

6:15 PM

Dinner: Return from field trip just in time to enjoy good food and conversation with teachers and other students.

7:30 PM

Study hours: All is quiet on campus. Start the outline for my research project in Environmental Issues, study for my Precalculus test and finish the sketch in my science field journal.

9:30 PM

Day’s end: A few minutes to socialize over tea and hot chocolate in the Wallace Center before heading back to the cabin.