An Invitation

Challenging yourself, feeling useful and connected, and doing meaningful work – these are among the great joys of life, ever more vital today. This work is woven into the DNA of Maine Coast Semester, where students develop a sense of self, a sense of place, and a sense of belonging. 

Over the past 35 years, countless alums have called Maine Coast Semester among the most formative educational experiences of their lives, and have gone on to do important work as problem solvers, educators, and leaders. At the threshold of young adulthood, Maine Coast Semester offers a rite of passage, a chance for students to consider who they want to be in the world, alongside new friends that will last a lifetime.  

At Chewonki, the daily, immersive, sensory learning that comes from living close to the elements and each other is real. Students can see direct links between action and impact; self and community; taking care of place, taking care of each other, and taking responsibility.

Our curriculum aligns with college preparatory academic rigor from sending schools around the country with the chance to take classes you’d never be able to take at home – classes that will put you right into the field and on the shore – opening your world to curiosity and new understanding of your strengths and how you want to show up.

Chewonki’s 400-acre peninsula in coastal Maine is a learning landscape that can inspire. In science field labs, you will explore rocky intertidal zones, sandy beaches, saltmarshes, freshwater ponds, and boreal forests. In backcountry trips, you will venture into the woods and waters of the great state of Maine with educator guides. You will work and do chores on a well-tended and horse-powered farm. You will live in a cabin with new friends, and be supported as you grow.

Looking forward to all we will do together,

Lise Goddard
Head of Semester School

About Maine Coast Semester

Started in 1987, Maine Coast Semester is one of the oldest semester school programs in the country. Each spring and fall semester we welcome a new group of up to 45 students from all around the country and the world to embark on a remarkable tradition of place-based study.

About Chewonki

Chewonki is a school, camp and environmental education organization based in Maine that inspires transformative growth, teaches appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, and challenges people to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives.

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