Our Goals for Graduates

Our Vision

We choose to approach rigorous academics, physical work, and everyday living with responsibility and joy. Whether engaging in a spirited classroom discussion, harvesting tomatoes for our table or planning Saturday night’s activities, we live each day deliberately with an eye toward connecting the individual to a larger community. Our students leave Chewonki with strengthened ownership for their education, an awareness of their place in nature, and an understanding that they can make a positive difference in their world.

Goals for Graduates

We work to manifest our mission to inspire transformative growth, teach appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, and challenge people to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives. Our Goals for Graduates were crafted using the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, giving students the opportunity to develop empathy and awareness as they grow in the following areas. 

Engaged Learning
Students learn in a holistic way and address complex issues with humility, critical thinking, and creativity.

Community Involvement
As responsible community members, students intentionally engage with a breadth of perspectives to promote social and environmental justice within and across communities.

Effective Communication
Students listen with openness and discernment and communicate ideas with clarity, creativity, and an awareness of impact.

Sense of Place
Students build an understanding of their reciprocal relationship with the natural world through focused observation and reflection. 

Sense of Self
Students explore and affirm their identities, strengths, and areas for growth, and understand how these impact the various communities of which they are a part.

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