The culminating peak of the Outdoor Living Skills program is the 48-hour Solo on Chewonki Neck. Solos are an opportunity for students to reflect on their personal growth throughout the semester, explore their independence and interdependence at a crucial time of identity formation, and celebrate meaningful time in the natural world.

As the season changes through the course of each semester, students embark on two-night solos on Chewonki Neck — a special time to reflect on how far they’ve come and to set goals for the rest of the semester. With one month still to go in the semester, students are provided with provisions and shelter as well as their own special section of our coastline for this chance to think about their experience and appreciate the beauty of Chewonki Neck.

Learn more about solos:

Solos: Alone Together, by Zoe Wirth, Fall 2018

The Meaning of Solos,  by Emily Robbins, Fall 2017

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