At the heart of Maine Coast Semester is a challenging academic program for students who love learning.

Our classes require commitment, curiosity, participation, and a great sense of adventure. We ask students to take ownership of their education and make connections between what they’re learning, what they’re doing, and the kind of life they want to lead.

Classes are small, averaging eight students each. They take place around tables in comfortable settings or in the great outdoors. Everyone contributes. Students might lead an analysis of text in their English class, teach the solution to a problem in precalculus, or present a research project in Environmental Issues.

Our Approach

A Collaborative Approach to Learning At Maine Coast Semester, we encourage students to take charge of their education. We cultivate both individual and collaborative approaches to learning. And we believe in the …

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Place-Based Curriculum

An Integrated Curriculum for College-bound Students The design of Maine Coast Semester’s curriculum is guided by our mission and Goals for Graduates, which encourage students to take ownership of their …

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College Counseling

Fostering Competitive Applicants We know that junior year is critical in the college application process, so we work with our students to begin that process through a college counseling weekend and local …

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Academic Profile

Academic Profile Download our full 2023-2024 Academic Profile Accreditation Maine Coast Semester is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, approved by the State of Maine Department …

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Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule Students attend Maine Coast Semester for one semester. The fall semester is 14 weeks and the spring semester is 15 weeks in length. All academic classes meet for …

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Our Goals for Graduates

Our Vision We choose to approach rigorous academics, physical work, and everyday living with responsibility and joy. Whether engaging in a spirited classroom discussion, harvesting tomatoes for our table or …

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