College Counseling

Fostering Competitive Applicants

We know that junior year is critical in the college application process, so we work with our students to begin that process through a college counseling weekend and local college visits and by offering standardized tests.

Where do Maine Coast Semester students go to college?

Our alumni attend an impressive range of colleges and universities. The list here shows the top 40 schools they have attended since the program was founded.

Bard College
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Brown University
Carleton College
Colby College
College of the  Atlantic
Colorado College
Columbia University
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Duke University
Georgetown University
Hamilton College
Hampshire College
Harvard University
Haverford College
Kenyon College
Lewis and Clark  College
Middlebury College
Oberlin College
Princeton University
Reed College
St. Lawrence University
Skidmore College
Smith College
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
Tufts University
University of California  Berkeley
University of Colorado  Boulder
University of Vermont
Vassar College
Warren Wilson College
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Whitman College
Williams College
Yale University

College Counseling and Standardized Testing

College Counseling:

In the spring, to assist our students in planning for their college careers, we partner with a group of college counselors from our sending schools as well as several college admissions officers.

Standardized Testing:

During the fall semester, PSATs are administered on campus. During the spring semester, AP exams are administered on campus in May, and we typically have students taking U.S. History, AB or BC Calculus, French Language, Spanish Language, English Language or Literature, and Environmental Science.

We encourage students to follow the advice of college counselors at their sending schools when deciding which standardized test(s) to take (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP). Prep courses for standardized tests are not offered at Maine Coast Semester. 

“My junior year of high school was incredibly unique and has had a huge impact on my college search, and even future career search… I would not say that Chewonki planted in me something that was not there before, but the experience opened my eyes and my mind to an area that I found myself deeply interested in. Not only do I now have a greater appreciation for the food that I consume and natural resources that I use, but I’ve found a deep fellowship with others who are also environmentally aware. A lot of high school juniors spend this critical year visiting colleges and filling out a plethora of applications. I did this to some extent as well, but mostly, with the help of Chewonki, I nurtured a newfound passion that will ultimately play a huge role in my life through college and beyond.”

–Maine Coast Semester alum

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