Cooking for our Community

Fresh food is central to the Chewonki experience – students and campers help our farm team generate nearly 1/3 of …

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Meet Robert Gustov Chewonki

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The Bairn of the Barn

Frisking, frolicking, snoozing, testing the limits of their mother’s patience, entertaining us each day as they grow before our eyes–spring …

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young calf lies in a stall

Welcoming Poppy

The dining hall was buzzing with the usual lunchtime energy, tables full, people excited for the gorgeous meal that lay …

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From Portland to Pemaquid Point, Semester 61 Hits the Coast Running!

Two weeks ago, on August 29th, 45 students from 11 states and 36 high schools arrived at Chewonki to launch …

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Maine Coast Semester Alumni Take on New Roles and Responsibility at Salt Marsh Farm

Chewonki recently welcomed back Maine Coast Semester 59 alumni Phoebe, and Semester 57 alumni Grayson, as summer farm workers at …

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