The Game With No Name

The game, with no name.

The members of Gordy cabin semester 72 play a silent game, a game of no known origin but a known significance. For the time for playing a game with no name is at the end of dinner, but huge consequences may follow if you are not wary. It is a simple game as the end of dinner nears, someone will finish their water and flip their cup upside down silently. The surrounding people need to see this to know the game has begun, one after another we discreetly chug our waters and flip our cups while not alerting others. Till there is just one left, they have lost the great game and will face the consequences……

They must now be the scraper (the scraper is the person who at the end of dinner collects the plates at their table and scrapes the left over onto one plate to be dumped into the compost). This role is a dreaded task so be alert, watch closely when you eat with Gordy. For you may serve as a scraper till you are forty.

Dish crew is something often overlooked when it comes to chores at MCS, taking care of owls, cows, and sheep are just some of the things we get to do. Dish crew is more than just cleaning dishes it’s a time for blasting music and working together to complete a task as a team.

-Jayden Allison, The Stone Independent School, Lancaster, PA

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