Wild Wonki Wizards!

As classes were beginning and my peers and I were just beginning to know each other, I discovered a common interest with my classmates. Many of us found enjoyment in the amazing world of roleplaying through Dungeons and Dragons (DND). We quickly decided we needed to create a campaign together, thus, the dnd club was born. Currently, we have two campaigns running, one led by my friend Eli, and the other by Silas. Through dice rolling, some silly voices, and a little bit of math, a couple sets of dice are slowly but surely creating a strong and tight knit community of warlocks, warriors, and wizards!

Some of our adventurers have been playing for years, others we try to teach through experience. Our players’ experience level does not matter to us, the urge of fighting dragons and exploring undiscovered lands grows even stronger in each of us as we discover more and more of Chewonki Neck through our ecology labs. I feel lucky that I can be involved in a community where I can explore different types of mushrooms in class at one moment, and be fighting ghosts the next.

Elsie Cole, Western Albemarle High School, Charlottesville, VA

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