Life Among the Crabs

In what one would expect to be the heat of early April, Tuesday’s field lab set off under a sheet of clouds and the brisk of wind- to arrive at Pemaquid Point. We were encouraged to wear our longest pair of boots, and were even provided with waders. Our adventure began with the van ride there, a drive that has often consisted of singing, dancing, and the occasional nap on a friend’s shoulder. We got off the van with ABBA still playing in our ears, pink from the reminiscence of a snowy winter in Maine. 

The geography of this land will forever amaze me, even as one who had grown up in New England. My shock however, can not match that of my West Coast friends. We began by a light exploration of the geology of the land, and the chants of “this would be great for the cabin” whenever a decorative shell or piece of driftwood was found. After learning about the formation of the Maine coastal rocks, we set off to explore the tide pools. Our guest for the lab, marine biologist Jeff, found an eel, limpet, sea star, and many crabs. Inspired by his findings, the semester set off on a crab hunt. For an hour we flipped rocks, dipped hands in the tidal pools, and peeked under seaweed. Despite Jeff’s immediate findings, our search was extensive and led us to exploring most of the point. At last our hunt came to a stop when my friend found a green crab. We gathered around the small crab, cheering over our much larger victory.

Being able to see new landscapes, new animals, and learn from the experts of the tide pools- has been an incredible experience. In this field lab I drew a sketch of the rocks coating the beach. As art has always been a large part of my life, having the ability to draw as a contribution to my academic life has been wonderful. I additionally created a species account of some of the organisms we found, including the common periwinkle, irish sea moss, and the blue mussel. Despite my soggy socks and salty smell, the tidepools were one of my favorite field labs. 

Charley Tyson, Concord-Carlisle High School, Concord, MA

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