The Plunge

Throughout the semester, all students have embarked on the adventures of field lab. Field lab consists of going to different locations in the natural world each week, observing species, and learning about different ecosystems. Half of the students go on Tuesday, while my half go on Thursday. When Megan announced that we would have our last field lab at Popham beach, my excitement grew knowing that I would be near the ocean. 

Upon arrival, the sky was cloudy and the wind was brisk. The chill of December was very apparent as my hair danced in the wind. It was low tide, and the sandbar was exposed. As time went on, the tides came in to greet us. I explored the beach with my classmates, enjoying the sand beneath my feet. We learned about the creation of sand dunes and the distribution of varying species. 

After running up and down the beach, doing some handstands, and observing my surrounding, it was time for the plunge. 

Now I had been awaiting this as people in the Tuesday field lab group had been raving about the ocean swim since their return. The wind had only picked up since arrival, and the sun decided to retreat into the clouds. I grabbed my towel, setting it on top of my bag. I took off my bulky layers, the air chilling my body. A group of 10 other students and I ran into the bone-chilling ocean. The water was quite shocking. I smiled around at my friends as we went in deeper. Waves crashed, as others dove in. I took a deep breath and dove at the upcoming wave. The water rushed through my hair. I swam momentarily, then ran out of the water. I shared my towel with a friend, huddling to provide warmth. While my legs were numb from the cold, my heart was filled with joy from being surrounded by such adventurous people. 


Maria Galgon, The Thacher School, Seattle, WA

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