Chewonki Waypoint Harvests Ice in Historic Reenactment

Chewonki Waypoint eighth graders helped mark, saw and convey huge blocks of ice in a historical reenactment of ice harvesting in South Bristol, Maine. The Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum gathers a group of hardy volunteers each year to cut and store pond ice using methods and tools from the 1800’s. Once stored, the blocks are sold to fisherman, boaters, campers and hunters. Remaining ice is used to make frozen treats for the Museum’s annual ice cream social in July.

The Chewonki Waypoint program is a comprehensive effort to steward young people through middle and high school by providing mentorship, training, and place-based outdoor challenges as a catalyst for self-discovery, aspiration, and leadership development. Now in it’s third year, Waypoint works with over 40 seventh and eighth graders from RSU1 in Bath and the Wiscassett Middle and High School.

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