COVID-19 Program Updates

Trails for Hiking, Snowshoeing, & Connecting with Nature

Over five miles of trails connect campsites, scenic points, and historical features on Chewonki Neck. Students explore their new home on foot, snowshoes, or skis during free periods and weekends throughout the semester. Other Chewonki lands nearby offer additional miles of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

A Coastline for Testing & Riding the Waters

Chewonki Neck is surrounded by three and a half miles of saltwater coastline. Our waterfront, with facilities for supervised swimming and boating, is just 200 yards from the center of our campus. After instruction and safety training, fall semester students canoe and kayak along Montsweag Bay from the salt marshes to the open water. Although cold weather puts an end to most waterfront activities, a strong Polar Bear tradition keeps us swimming or at least testing the waters clear through the winter. Spring boating from the waterfront is possible once the ice melts.

Days That Revolve Around a 25-Acre Farm

Our organic farm on Chewonki Neck is at the center of every day at Maine Coast Semester. It provides the work, food, and ties to the environment that we live every day. The farm consists of approximately 25 acres of open land and 150 acres of woodlot. One acre is cultivated for vegetable production and the remainder is comprised of pasture, hay fields, buildings, trees, and stone walls. The gardens are carefully planned and intensively managed, producing 10,000-15,000 pounds of vegetables annually for our dining hall. We also raise livestock for milk, meat, eggs, and fiber, and grow timber for firewood and some saw logs.