Maine Coast Semester

Stephen Farrand

Latin, Ancient Greek, and Russian Teacher


Stephen Farrand

Stephen began teaching high school students in 1980. During his seven years as a part-time teacher at Maine Coast Semester, he has taught Latin, Russian, and Ancient Greek.

Stephen is interested in the Romans’ view of the natural world in their literature, in the history of Latin scientific nomenclature, and he is passionate about the intellectual and other mental benefits of learning another language well. Recently he has enjoyed an interest in speaking Latin and is a frequent participant in active Latin events in New England.

When not teaching, he has worked for several non-profit organizations in Maine, providing safe transportation for seniors and visually impaired persons and seeking to achieve equality under the law for LGBT Mainers in all respects.


What Brought Me to Chewonki?

Stephen lives in Freeport with his wife Nancy, a school counselor, and his cat Josiah. When not reading, speaking or translating Latin, he is a dedicated choral singer and loves to cook. 


Stephen received his BA from Amherst College in Classics, and pursued a PhD in Ancient Greek and Latin Literatures and Indo-European Linguistics at Cornell University. He has taught at public and private schools and universities in five states.

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