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Lucy Wanzer

Teaching Fellow


Lucy Wanzer

As an alum of Maine Coast Semester 51, a former participant at Camp Chewonki for Girls, and a native Mainer, Chewonki has been in my blood for a long time. As a student, MCS changed the way that I viewed the world: it instilled in me a passion for natural science and a desire to understand earth systems and climate science. 

During my time at Wellesley College, I deepened my understanding of natural systems through studying Geosciences. I was fortunate enough to spend significant time conducting fieldwork in places like Death Valley, Mt. St. Helens, and the Adirondacks. I loved the observational skills and fervent curiosity that I gained from my fieldwork experiences. I’m grateful that I am able to teach these skills to students and expose them to the magic of fieldwork each week during field lab. 

Of all the incredible subdisciplines within earth sciences, I am most passionate about studying the ocean. I’ve spent time working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and worked aboard a research vessel that traveled from Iceland to Greenland. After spending a few years studying oceanography, I pivoted my focus from ocean science to studying people who live by the ocean. I did this through the support of Thomas J. Watson Fellowship which is a one-year grant for purposeful, independent exploration outside the US. My project was titled “Life on Small Boats: Connections to the Sea.” 

In addition to my passion for the natural world, I also love to cook and eat, run, hike, and paddle my canoe (especially in the beautiful waters of Maine).

What Brought Me to Chewonki?

I came back to Maine Coast Semester as a fellow because I love how community-oriented and relationship-driven this place is. Chewonki’s values of self-exploration, stewardship of the natural world and community building are highly aligned with my own values and allow me to be an engaged educator.


B.A. in Geosciences, Wellesley College

Select Publications

Wellesley College Senior Thesis: Wanzer, L. (2019). The Influence of Deep Convection on Biologically Driven Carbon Sequestration in the Irminger Sea.

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