Maine Coast Semester

Grace Warder

Environmental Issues/Human Ecology Capstone Teacher


Grace Warder

Since beginning to study education, I have been completely captivated by the art of empathy, curiosity, and acceptance through teaching. With Maine Coast Semester, my passion has only grown through further connection to both people and place as a cornerstone of education. 

In pursuing my degree in Environmental Studies, I found myself drawn to articles, books, and discussions around humanity’s relationship to nature. This led me down a path of interdisciplinary classes, internships, and employment opportunities in college that opened my eyes to the deep web of ethics and politics in modern-day environmentalism. My love of learning, questioning, discussing, and re-thinking brought me to the Environmental Issues classroom with Maine Coast Semester, and I hope to continue feeding this love with semester students to come.

Before Chewonki, my interest in teaching was met by my studies of Teacher Education at Bates College. Through this specialized teaching program, a large part of my required coursework included serving as a teaching assistant in a variety of K-8 classrooms in Lewiston, Maine. In my final year at Bates, I completed my teaching certification at Lewiston Middle School. This certification granted me not only a range of educational experience but also a love for teaching and learning that led me to Chewonki. Currently, I am working towards a Masters of Education through the University of Maine in Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction (CA&I) of climate education in secondary schools. 

I have a deep affinity for exploring the lakes and mountains of Maine, land previously inhabited by the native to Maliseet and Penobscot tribes. I also enjoy jumping in the ocean, eating a home-cooked meal, watching the Portland Sea Dogs with friends, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

What Brought Me to Chewonki?

I came to Maine Coast Semester in pursuit of creating educational experiences that both contained and expanded beyond traditional classroom settings. I am also drawn to the opportunity to connect with and amplify the voices of minority students in academic and outdoor spaces in collaboration with a faculty of hard-working, passionate educators.

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