New Friends in New Meadows

It was the first day I got here. Will, my advisor, helped take my stuff all the way to New Meadows. No one was there, so I was able to unpack by myself. I will never forget the first night here. I met some new friends that I hope to keep for life. My roommate Nick and I love the talks we have when it’s just us in the cabin. He plays the guitar and sang “Wagon Wheel” for the first coffee house here at Chewonki.

Oliver is another one of my cabin mates. I truly think I found another brother here. Oliver and I have so much in common and we make each other laugh everyday. I can’t wait to keep talking with Oliver after Chewonki; I want to know what he does with his life. Oliver does so many cool things including Rubix cubes and knitting. 

Jack is such a cool cabin mate. He and Nick play guitar together, and he has such a great and diverse taste in music. Jack knows so much about history, too; I learn something new every time he talks about history.

Teo is definitely the loudest in the cabin, but that’s not a bad thing. Spending time with Teo is great. We just relax and talk about each day here. I am taking a lot of Teo’s great music home with me at the end of the semester. 

While spending time with each of them is great, the most fun happens when we are all in the cabin together. Jack brought an awesome game called Coup. We play it almost every night. I love talking with everyone about our days and making jokes. I am really going to miss each and every one of them at the end of the semester. No matter what, I know I can always look back at the time I spent with them and laugh.

Tucker Sander, Nathan Hale High School, West Allis, Wisconsin

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