It’s a Girl! Greta Births a Healthy Heifer

Yesterday, around 1:00 pm, our dairy cow Greta birthed a healthy, heifer calf. Although it was Greta’s due date, Greta gave no sign she was getting ready to deliver in the morning. So, it was a surprise when she birthed this sweet baby girl, who was already up and walking within the hour. This not-yet-named calf is half jersey and half red angus, and is destined to join Chewonki’s beef cows. Greta and her calf will be kept together for three days, after which the calf will be bottle fed with her mother’s milk. Chewonki staff, farmers and camper have been gathering at the farm to greet the calf since yesterday. 

Chewonki staff and summer program participants gathering at the farm:

The new calf with her mother, Greta:

Frothy milk dripping down the calf’s chin:


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