A Sliding Extravaganza

This morning, MCS 40 woke up to an unfamiliar sound. It was pouring rain for the first time since spring break. The rain and wind were so strong that Tuesday science field trip was cancelled. To put that in perspective, Rhan thinks this was the first science field trip cancelled in a few years. By early afternoon the newly green fields were covered in gigantic puddles. The only thing on my mind was what ridiculous activity Ted and Cory would create for Outdoor Athletic Program (OAP) in the afternoon. At lunch, my hopes of a sliding extravaganza were squashed by an announcement directed at Ted by Don Lamson. It was established that we were to stay off the fragile fields.

OAP time rolled around and the activities were Dance Dance Revolution or a trip to the Wiscasset recreation center. I wasn’t particularly excited for either and hoped we could get away with puddle jumping. Halfway through OAP I was in luck; you can only play DDR for so long. A group of about eight of us started cartwheel and summersault races on the quad. When Ted saw we were already drenched, he made the executive decision that while some fields were in a rather fragile state, there were some places that would be fine to slide on.

A rule was set that nobody should slide in a place more than once and we began. Bracing ourselves for the chill of fresh rainwater we ran and slid, then ran and slid again. Our shrieks and hollers turned into a decision to do an impromptu polar bear. The entire group sprinted to the waterfront, and with Ted watching over, took turns jumping off the dock into the icy Maine water for a quick dunk. Shivering, laughing, and smiling from ear to ear we walked back up to the quad in the rain and headed for hot showers.

-Lisa Beneman, Scarborough, ME